UGHH Redesign

Project Overview™ is an e-commerce site for selling Hip Hop & related music, clothing and entertainment. What differentiates this site from other competitors is its close relationship with the hip-hop lovers. The original site has a forum section that forms a strong community for its users. In 2017, we set out to rebrand the company and redesign its website, giving us the opportunity to grow into a more competitive position.

Credit: Loic Nogues/IPS

New Business Objective

In the beginning of this redesign, our team met to define the goals. We did this by looking at the existing website, documenting its strengths and weaknesses, and coming to an agreement on what we were trying to accomplish. For the new website, we defined four key goals:

  • User Growth and Engagement
  • Improve Lead Conversion Rate
  • Improve Sales Conversion Rate
  • Site Optimization

Competitive Analysis

Early Iteration

I created possible design solutions using grayscale wireframes. Afterwards, I collaborated with the research team to conduct A/B testing using Optimizely. Sometimes it’s difficult to work at a low fidelity iteration, but setting these limitations speeds up the process in a phase where it’s important to quickly cycle through ideas.

Greyscale Wireframes

The Website

The Dashboard