Project Event Safe

Project Overview

Project Event Safe is a community of marketers and technologists who strive to create a safe environment at digital marketing industry events and conferences. It is a project curated by our client, Moz, and other change makers in the digital marketing community who are taking a stand against inappropriate, unprofessional and discriminatory behavior at the events. We were asked to design and build the online platform for this community. The primary purpose of this site was to be a resource to victims and advocates as well as provides access to report incidents.

Business Objectives

The site was to satisfy the following functions:

  • Providing lists of safe events and conferences.
  • An online platform to report incidents.
  • A place for marketers and event organizers to learn about how to promote safe events.

The site should be inviting and non-confrontational, showing concerned and care for event attendees who have suffered harassment. It should also be empowering, by providing information, encouragement, and resources.

User Needs

The audience types that will engage with the site are:

  • Event Attendees who want to attend a safer event.
  • Marketers who want to learn how to host a safer event.
  • Attendees who encounter incidents and want to report an incident.
  • Sponsors who want to foster and support the project.

The Design Process

After analyzing and reviewing all the document, we created the site flow and taxonomy. We designed wireframes, mockups and organized, conducted usability testing sessions using the prototype tool Invision:

1. Taxonomy

The taxonomy mapped out the site structure and the dependency between each page.

2. Wieframes

After receiving a thumbs-up on the initial low-fidelity wireframes for major Project Event Safe pages, I transitioned to higher fidelity.

4. Style Guide

5. Mockups