Project Overview

iPullRank is a leading-edge digital marketing agency whose offerings range from Content Strategy, Solutions Architecture, SEO to Measurement and Optimization. Our first website was launched two years ago, but due to rapid growth, it was clear that our website needed a revamp for the following reasons:

  • We offered a wide range of new services that weren’t reflected on the old site.
  • We wished to stand out among other digital marketing agencies.
  • We launched new pages such as “Resources” and “Team Bios”.
  • We were looking to attract fresh, new talent who are passionate about our field.

Screenshots of the old site.

Our Business Objectives

Qualified Lead Generation

Content that highlights our services in order to drive qualified prospects to our consulting business.

User Growth

Content that increases user engagement by strategically placed CTAs that drive users to multiple pages of the site.

Drive Organic Traffic

Content that stimulates traffic from Organic Search and Social Media.

Our User Needs

According to the data from our audience report, the audience segments that engage in our site are:

Therefore, the site should serve as a one-stop, educational hub and a valuable resource for offering consulting services. Almost 10% of our audiences visits the site from mobile or tablet devices – demonstrating the importance of adapting a mobile responsive design.

The Design Process

After defining our business objectives and user needs, we dove into the design. To optimize information architecture, some content needed to be grouped together on one page and some content needed to stand alone on its own page. Not only will this improve the user experience but will also make the site easier to maintain. We also analyzed user personas and user flows that influenced the design of the wireframes. The prototype tool, Invision was instrumental in staying organized and conducting usability testing.

1. Sketches

2. Wireframes

The wireframes assign a foundational framework and functionality to each page while revealing the dependency between different pages. Our wireframes range from quick hand-drawn sketches to medium, high fidelity ones to improve and speed up testing.

3. Mockups

Once wireframes were created, we created high fidelity mockups and prototypes. We uploaded them into an online prototyping tool, Invision, and created interactive hotspots. It is an efficient way to conduct a usability test of your website and gain valuable feedback from company leadership and stakeholders.